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What is the Best Toothpaste for Kids?

Every parents dilemma is making their child brush their teeth. Almost every child hates it. My child even fakes his tooth brushing by running the water in the faucet, gargling and closing the cabinet just to send an impression that he brushed his teeth. He even wet the bristles before leaving the bathroom, clever huh? But what do you think they hate it? Actually there’s one thing that makes brushing hard for kids, it’s the toothpaste. Yep, you heard me. It is the toothpaste. Let’s face it, we adults can handle the mint and coolness of the toothpaste but for the kids? It was simply too hot for them. Do you think they are just exaggerating? Apparently not.

The best toothpaste is one that your child will actually use.

A lot has been said already about major toothpaste brands that contains unnecessary ingredients that you don’t actually want to be in your kid’s mouth. Other chemicals including dyes make some toothpastes lose their quality. On the other side, those thing you call natural toothpaste tastes like crap, which gives you the question, “How good is healthy toothpaste if it never gets any use?”

The secret is finding a toothpaste that they like.

This is tough, time consuming and a  lot of money (not really) is involved. You need to buy several toothpastes with different brands and flavors until you see what they really like to take. I tell you, there’s actually one out there. Just make sure to check the label because some of them have flouride. Yes, fluoride is bad for your little kid’s teeth. For us adult, fluoride helps fight tooth decay.

Don’t force them to use one they don’t like.

This is a no brainer. If they don’t really like the toothpaste you gave them then don’t force them to use all of it before letting them to try another one.  It will make you look like a jerk and an idiot. You ask why you would look like a jerk by forcing them? C’mon,  you’re forcing them to use something they don’t like, and you’re doing it without any good reason. Toothpastes doesn’t cost that much and it’s not like you don’t have any options left. There are literally a dozen of brands and flavors of toothpastes you can choose from. If you don’t know, some children have very sensitive gums and mouth and some toothpastes do really burn. Would you also use an entire tube of your toothpaste if you hate it? Better go out and buy something else.

Toothbrushes Matter, Too!

  1. For sensitive mouths, use extra soft bristles.
  2. Make it a habit of replacing them at least once a month. Had bristles can be deterrent when it comes time to brushing teeth.
  3. Cartoon characters and colorful brushes are fun for kids. They do help motivate your kids to brush.
  4. If your kid has a small mouth then use a extra small toothpaste. This is often overlook.