Cosmetic Dentistry to Whiten Teeth

Thinking back on our memories of the trips we took to our dentist’s clinic probably won’t be happy images. Instead, it would bring back the fear of the needles and the pain that pulling out painful tooth we went through. These days however, a lot of improvements have been made in the field of dentistry. Dentists are also making changes to their approach as well as the feel of their clinics to make visits happier. Our preferred dental care has always been oral self care and more on avoiding making trips to the dentist but all that has changed now.

With a lot of major advances in the field of dentistry, caring for your teeth no longer means painful needles and horrible drilling. The latest trends with dental care include the use of more conservative techniques so as to preserve the natural tooth structure of the patients as much as possible. Your preferred dental care can either be for the more traditional purpose of properly caring for your teeth or for the more popular trends with the purpose of beautifying the teeth.

Dentists nowadays are advancing with their education to further provide their patients more less-painful ways of dental treatments. Aside from that, they also aim at making their presence warmer to both children and adult patience so as not to scare them off during their visits. They make their clinics look warmer and more patient-friendly.

Oral diseases are common problems in most places. Nowadays, dental organizations often give free services at times in order to address the most common diseases like tooth decay and pyorrhea or periodontal/gum disease. It should be emphasized that proper dental health should be maintained so that the person can actually lead a normal lifestyle. Kids are often victims of such dental diseases because of the lack of proper hygiene. There are already advertisements as well as short educational stuff that are geared toward these younger populations in order to give them more information regarding the importance of proper oral hygiene.

The more popular preferred dental care these days definitely have to be cosmetic dentistry. Although the need for traditional dental care is never absent, more and more people are investing on achieving smiles like that of most Hollywood actors. Teeth whitening and bleaching are the most popular and common treatments and a lot of over-the-counter whitening products have become widely available because of this, although approaching the professional is still always the best way to go.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

They say our smile is the perfect accessory we own. That is why we need to take care of it and invest in keeping our pearly whites healthy. There are people though who go to more than just keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Nowadays, it is common that most people will spend just to get their teeth whitened, straightened, and whatever is needed to give their pearly whites a perfect touch.

Cosmetic dentistry deals with this kind of aesthetic needs. Although it is not exactly recognized as a former specialty area of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry has gotten wide acceptance among the public because of the increasing number of people who want to have more beautiful yet natural looking smiles. And a lot more dental procedures have become possible thanks to the technological advancements with today’s dental treatments. Rest assured these methods are lot durable than the previous times and more predictable too. Dentists today also make sure that your natural tooth structure is preserved as much as possible, regardless of the methods that need to be done.

Probably the most popular and highly recommended among cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. Because of our usual food intake and some habits, our teeth could suffer a lot and often get in contact with materials that are highly staining. Coffee, tea, smoking, or a poor personal oral hygiene can lead to badly stained teeth, giving them a yellow appearance. By opting teeth whitening, you will definitely see a major difference from your old smile to the new one.

Veneers are also being opted by a lot of people because once these porcelain laminates are placed on your teeth, you will have a smile that looks perfect. Veneers help improve the appearance of your teeth by filling gaps, repairing chips, and give them a pearly white appearance too.

Fillings are also one procedure that is quite popular when it comes to dental care. Nowadays, you can choose colors that will make them look the same as with the natural color of your teeth. Whereas in the years past there were only gold and other colors that left behind obvious marks that your teeth have been filled, nowadays you can choose from porcelain or other composite materials that have colors that closely match your teeth’s natural color. Otherwise known as inlays or onlays, fillings are the usual treatment for decayed teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry also does have its traditional dental purposes such as fillings but it does more on the area of giving people the chance to make their smiles look more bright and beautiful.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can make you wince when eating a tasty ice cream or drinking a hot aromatic coffee. You may even wonder that flossing your teeth makes you jerk with pain. Having sensitive teeth nowadays may give you a temporary discomfort but being sensitive on its causes can give you a permanent relief.

Normally, a healthy tooth cannot feel any discomfort when taking foods or being touched. However, when the enamel, the hard covering around the tooth is lost, nerve endings are easily exposed and the temperature from the food, or touch from flossing can be very intense for the nerves sending signals to our brain.

The normal barrier of a healthy tooth can be broken down from several reasons:

  1. Gum Recession – It makes the root surfaces exposed making it more sensitive to temperature. It is one of the most common causes of sensitive teeth due to brushing too hard, poor oral hygiene or pre-existent periodontal disease. You can easily spot a gum recession when the gum line is not that uniform as before. Dentist’s advice to use toothpastes made for sensitive teeth such Synsodyne. In some cases, when it is severe, a gingival graft procedure must be done.
  2. Enamel Erosion or Tooth decay –Acids are the enemies of the natural hard barrier of the tooth – the enamel. The acidic environment of the mouth can destroy these barriers over time boring some cracks or holes. Until such time when enough nerve endings are exposed, you will feel an intense discomfort. A dental visit is very helpful in locating the affected tooth. Tooth filling can be done when the decay is not advanced. However, root canal is done when the tooth is really in bad condition.
  3. Bruxism or Teeth Grinding – No one really knows why people have this behavior of grinding their teeth. Some say it is due to stress or means of taking the anxiety out of the situation just like thumb sucking in toddlers. However, no matter what the cause, it still exposes the nerve root. The cracks due to tooth grinding can make you highly vulnerable to cold sensitivity. Proper dental follow-up must be done especially for people with chronic tooth grinding at night. A night guard is used to prevent further tooth damage.
  4. Cracked Tooth Syndrome – This is a common problem located at the posterior teeth. Small cracks due to decay or bruxism make it sensitive to cold too. A dentist must do a trans-illumination in order to diagnose this. A crown filling or root canals are the two procedures indicated.
  5. Old age – Sensitivity of the teeth can be developed through time. Enamel will eventually wear off and eating ice cream or drinking coffee can be a very uncomfortable experience for old people.

Knowing the common causes of sensitive teeth can help you in looking on your diet as well as dental hygiene. Early detection of these dental problems can definitely save you hundreds of dollars.

How to Take Care of Your Teeth and Gums While Pregnant

Pregnancy by far is the most important aspect of being a woman and that being said care needs to be at the utmost priority. Dental health should not be neglected while pregnant because it can give you some ugly affects on your oral health as well as it is infectious to your baby.

So how do you take care of your teeth and oral health while pregnant?

The key for maintaining health teeth and gums is to brush frequently. VERY frequently. Flossing is also a must.

Before or after your pregnancy, please visit your dentist at frequent intervals.

Discuss the effects of pregnancy on your dental health and it’s precautions with your dentist.

take care teeth pregnantBefore planning the baby you need to attend to some dental necessity which will lower the harmful effects in future. Ask your dentist.

Vomiting & nausea are very common during pregnancy & repetitive vomiting leaves acid in your face, which crumbles the tooth enamel so very frequently rinse your mouth (with the help of water).

Maintain a healthy diet. This is for you and for your baby’s teeth development.

Stop smoking and drinking. You know this right?

Say no to sweets as well like chocolates. This increases the chances of tooth decay.

What Causes Teeth Staining?

When it comes to teeth staining there are only two categories for it, these are intrinsic staining and extrinsic staining.

Extrinsic stains appears on the surface of your teeth. This is a result of foods and cigar (smoking), dark-colored beverages such as red wine and routine wear and tear. The one called superficial extrinsic stains are minor which can be removed by simply brushing your teeth and prophylactic dental cleaning. The one that needs to be cleaned though with more time and effort are the stubborn extrinsic stains, these stains needs teeth bleaching. Persistent extrinsic stains can penetrate into the dentin and become ingrained if they are not dealt with early.

Intrinsic stains are formed in the interior of the teeth. The usual cause of having an intrinsic stains are aging, trauma, exposure to minerals like tetracycline during tooth formation and excessive fluoride ingestion. It was believed in the past that intrinsic stains can not be corrected anymore by tooth bleaching. But today’s study shows that a supervised over-the-counter teeth whitening that is maintained over a matter of months (or even a year) can be totally removed according to most cosmetic dentistry experts.

Causes of Tooth / Teeth Staining

  • Age
  • Starting color (inborn tooth color)
  • Eating habits
  • Smoking habits
  • Drugs/Chemicals (excessive fluoride)
  • Teeth grinding
  • Trauma (injuries)

How to remove teeth stains?

You can simply try some of these options and feel free to share which ones work for you.