How to Take Care of Your Teeth and Gums While Pregnant

Pregnancy by far is the most important aspect of being a woman and that being said care needs to be at the utmost priority. Dental health should not be neglected while pregnant because it can give you some ugly affects on your oral health as well as it is infectious to your baby.

So how do you take care of your teeth and oral health while pregnant?

The key for maintaining health teeth and gums is to brush frequently. VERY frequently. Flossing is also a must.

Before or after your pregnancy, please visit your dentist at frequent intervals.

Discuss the effects of pregnancy on your dental health and it’s precautions with your dentist.

take care teeth pregnantBefore planning the baby you need to attend to some dental necessity which will lower the harmful effects in future. Ask your dentist.

Vomiting & nausea are very common during pregnancy & repetitive vomiting leaves acid in your face, which crumbles the tooth enamel so very frequently rinse your mouth (with the help of water).

Maintain a healthy diet. This is for you and for your baby’s teeth development.

Stop smoking and drinking. You know this right?

Say no to sweets as well like chocolates. This increases the chances of tooth decay.

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