Fight Tooth Decay with Fluorine


Part of the synthetic compound sodium fluoride (the type added to drinking water) and calcium fluoride (a natural substance).

Decreases chances of dental caries, though too much can discolor teeth.

No RDA has been established, but most people get about 1 mg. daily from fluoridated drinking water. (1.5—4 mg. is suggested by the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council.)

What it can do for you:

  • Reduce tooth decay.
  • Strengthen bones.

Deficiency Disease:

Tooth decay.

Best Natural Source:

  • Fluoridated drinking water
  • Seafood
  • Tea


Not ordinary found in multi-mineral supplements.

Available in prescription multivitamins for children in areas without fluoridated water.


20 to 80 mg. per day.


Aluminum cookware.

Personal Advice:

Don’t take additional fluoride unless it is prescribed by a physician or dentist.

The fluoride content of food is increased significantly if it’s cooked in fluoridate water or a Teflon-treated utensil.

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  1. […] This is tough, time consuming and a  lot of money (not really) is involved. You need to buy several toothpastes with different brands and flavors until you see what they really like to take. I tell you, there’s actually one out there. Just make sure to check the label because some of them have flouride. Yes, fluoride is bad for your little kid’s teeth. For us adult, fluoride helps fight tooth decay. […]

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