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What Causes Tooth Staining?

Who wouldn’t want clean and whiter teeth? In these days where everywhere you look, pictures of picture-perfect models are plastered in every corner, you can’t help but sigh with their scratch-free legs, shiny and tangled-free hair and of course, with their perfect smile coupled with their clean and whiter teeth. With all of these characteristics, you may wonder if there is really a human living like that or they are only product of computer editing. Well, stop your curiosity because it is really a possibility to have that kind of physical aspect even though you are just a normal people and not a model that people usually look up to. Especially if you want a whiter teeth, it is very possible to have that and you can even achieve it even in the comforts of your own home. But always remember, prevention is always better than cure.

So to answer your curiosity, there are things you should keep in mind for you to prevent teeth staining. There are a lot of things that could affect the color of the teeth. Avoiding them or minimizing one’s exposure could do the trick of having pearly white teeth. One is by making sure that you follow a strict oral hygiene by brushing your teeth and flossing as plaque could cause discoloration or staining. Another way is to avoid foods that are usually the culprit for staining. Such are cola, tea, coffee, red wine and fried foods. But usually on a hot day, a cold glass of cola is so tempting that you would grab it immediately. Just remember then to use straw so as to avoid it from coming in contact with your teeth. Stopping your smoking habit could also be a huge factor for prevention as smoking especially tobacco can also cause staining. Use of medications such as Iron tablet could also cause this. There are also factors that could affect staining of our teeth but are out of our control such are age and trauma that affects your teeth such as accident. These factors could only be eliminated or can be control if you visit your dentist and have it check.

A White and bright teeth could have a huge effect on your confidence. So if you always steer away from having your picture taken or your album was filled with pictures of you… with your mouth always close, then try giving a considerable amount of attention to your teeth. In no time at all, photographers would always love to capture your brightest smile and maybe have your pictures posted in every corner.

How to Clean and Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

Having your own dog is a clamor right now. Everywhere you go you could see a young lady cuddling her pet clad in a tutu skirt, a young boy having his dog lick from his own ice cream and even an old man holding his dog’s leash while reading newspaper in the park. It is so in right now, that online sites are bombarded with ads of cute dogs for sale. But before you swipe your credit card, try asking yourself first if you are ready to have your own pet. After all, having your own dog is not only about having everyone’s attention or that you’re with the in-crowd but it also entails lots of responsibility.

You should know first the proper way of caring for your dog. It’s not only about feeding them with the right kind of food or having them checked by a veterinarian regularly. It’s also like having your own kid where you need to bathe and care for them. There are guidelines that you need to follow in taking care for them. In terms of their dental hygiene, it also needs a considerable amount of attention just like any person.

Here’s What You Need To DO to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

clean dog's teethWhen taking care for your dog’s teeth, one should first prepare the materials needed like your pet’s toothbrush or a wash cloth and a toothpaste that was specially designed for dogs. Before you start, you need to make sure that your pet will be comfortable on having something applied on his teeth. You can do this by having your pet get used to his toothpaste by having him lick it and also putting it on his front teeth. This is also a way to know if your pet likes his toothpaste or if you would need to replace it. You should also keep in mind that when giving your pet an oral hygiene, he should be relaxed and not in a playful mood. If your pet has been already comfortable with having his teeth cleaned, you could then start in brushing his teeth using his own toothbrush or a wash cloth wrapped around your finger. You could then lift his upper lip and start brushing his top teeth starting on his front teeth in a circular motion. You could then brush the bottom teeth after you’re done with the top. Also always remember to praise your dog as you do this and you could also give him some treats after you are done. You should also keep in mind to feed your dog with hard food so as to avoid plaque. But if you have doubts on the health of your dog’s teeth, then it’s better to consult a veterinarian.

Having a dog around could be a good company and could provide you with a positive ambiance. But the best way to maintain this ambiance is having a healthy dog. So do take care of them, after all, they are your best friend.

Can Green Tea Strengthen Teeth?

Green tea has been known to be greatly beneficial to our health and people who want to lose weight have made this herb a part of their weight loss routine. But one question that has gotten most people asking lately is: can green tea strengthen teeth? Read on to find out.

Research Findings

A study was done to find out if green tea does have some benefits for our teeth and indeed, it does. The findings proved that a cup of green tea a day actually increases the chances of keeping your teeth even as you get older.

The researchers believe that there are certain molecules found in green tea that help fight off bacteria that cause tooth decay. These so called catechins are actually antimicrobial molecules present in green tea as well as in oolong tea, although in a much lesser amount, and are actually the ones that give the benefit. However, if you like to take your tea sweet, the sweetener may counteract this benefit, the team discovered.

“Green tea may have bacteriocidal effects, which would affect teeth, but only if your drink it without sugar,” explained Alfredo Morabia, editor of Preventive Medicine. Morabia is author of an editorial which accompanied the recent research. Morabia further stated, “They also reported that drinking sweet coffee was actually deleterious. Coffee had no problem, but sweet coffee would actually make you lose your teeth.”

green tea for teethDetails of the Study

25,000 Japanese men and women around the age of 40 and 64 were observed in resolving the query. Yasushi Koyama from Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine and colleagues discovered that men who took at least a cup of tea in a day had 19 percent likelihood of having less than 20 teeth as opposed to those who did not. The complete set of teeth including the wisdom teeth is 32 in total. Women who drank tea also showed 13 percent decreased odds.

One likely explanation for this benefit is that warm drinks actually wash out your mouth. However, coffee, which also acts as sort of a mouth rinse, holds no such benefit, thereby suggesting another phenomenon.

Researchers suspect that the catechins are responsible for answering the question, can green tea strengthen teeth? These molecules have been shown to eliminate bacteria linked with dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

So, Can Green Tea Strengthen Teeth?

The results have proven this benefit. And because there is no harm in a single cup of green tea a day, who’s to say that it can harm you?