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Laser Teeth Whitening can Cost $1000

More and more people are going for procedures that help improve their appearance greatly and thus, boost their confidence. One of the procedures that are gaining much popularity is teeth whitening. There are many ways to have your teeth whitened, and one of this is by the use of laser.

Different Teeth Whitening Procedures

There are a number of different teeth whitening procedures you can choose from. There are even easy ones you can simply do at the comfort of your own home (natural). With these different types of methods to have a brighter smile, there also are a variety of results. Though some of these methods might be a lot pricier than the others, this is because you can be assured of quick and very visible results. Laser teeth whitening prices is on the expensive side, but you can be sure to have satisfaction after the procedure.

laser tooth whitening 300x168 Laser Teeth Whitening can Cost $1000Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is an in-office procedure which means it is done only in the dentist’s clinic. What involves laser whitening is the use of a whitening gel and a laser (actually, it uses light energy but laser is the common misconception and the more known name for the procedure so the name has been used even today). Your dentist will apply the semi-transparent bleaching gel on your teeth and the laser light is then used to speed up the process of bleaching. There are different types of energy used in this method, the most common being LED, halogen, or plasma arc. Halogen proves to have the best performance.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Because of the advanced technology involved, it usually takes just about 30 minutes up to a maximum of 1 hour to get the procedure done, depending on the amount of discoloration there is. It usually takes only one visit for you to have a bright smile.

The only disadvantage is that if you want your bright smile to look natural, the immediate change will tell your friends otherwise. But this is just a minor disadvantage and only those who want a subtle change would worry about this.

Laser Teeth Whitening Prices

Laser teeth whitening can cost about $1000, and it can increase depending on the number of sessions that will be required. It’s important to know that dental plans do not cover this procedure.

How to Clean and Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

Having your own dog is a clamor right now. Everywhere you go you could see a young lady cuddling her pet clad in a tutu skirt, a young boy having his dog lick from his own ice cream and even an old man holding his dog’s leash while reading newspaper in the park. It is so in right now, that online sites are bombarded with ads of cute dogs for sale. But before you swipe your credit card, try asking yourself first if you are ready to have your own pet. After all, having your own dog is not only about having everyone’s attention or that you’re with the in-crowd but it also entails lots of responsibility.

You should know first the proper way of caring for your dog. It’s not only about feeding them with the right kind of food or having them checked by a veterinarian regularly. It’s also like having your own kid where you need to bathe and care for them. There are guidelines that you need to follow in taking care for them. In terms of their dental hygiene, it also needs a considerable amount of attention just like any person.

Here’s What You Need To DO to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

clean dogs teeth 150x150 How to Clean and Brush Your Dogs Teeth?When taking care for your dog’s teeth, one should first prepare the materials needed like your pet’s toothbrush or a wash cloth and a toothpaste that was specially designed for dogs. Before you start, you need to make sure that your pet will be comfortable on having something applied on his teeth. You can do this by having your pet get used to his toothpaste by having him lick it and also putting it on his front teeth. This is also a way to know if your pet likes his toothpaste or if you would need to replace it. You should also keep in mind that when giving your pet an oral hygiene, he should be relaxed and not in a playful mood. If your pet has been already comfortable with having his teeth cleaned, you could then start in brushing his teeth using his own toothbrush or a wash cloth wrapped around your finger. You could then lift his upper lip and start brushing his top teeth starting on his front teeth in a circular motion. You could then brush the bottom teeth after you’re done with the top. Also always remember to praise your dog as you do this and you could also give him some treats after you are done. You should also keep in mind to feed your dog with hard food so as to avoid plaque. But if you have doubts on the health of your dog’s teeth, then it’s better to consult a veterinarian.

Having a dog around could be a good company and could provide you with a positive ambiance. But the best way to maintain this ambiance is having a healthy dog. So do take care of them, after all, they are your best friend.

Can Green Tea Strengthen Teeth?

Green tea has been known to be greatly beneficial to our health and people who want to lose weight have made this herb a part of their weight loss routine. But one question that has gotten most people asking lately is: can green tea strengthen teeth? Read on to find out.

Research Findings

A study was done to find out if green tea does have some benefits for our teeth and indeed, it does. The findings proved that a cup of green tea a day actually increases the chances of keeping your teeth even as you get older.

The researchers believe that there are certain molecules found in green tea that help fight off bacteria that cause tooth decay. These so called catechins are actually antimicrobial molecules present in green tea as well as in oolong tea, although in a much lesser amount, and are actually the ones that give the benefit. However, if you like to take your tea sweet, the sweetener may counteract this benefit, the team discovered.

“Green tea may have bacteriocidal effects, which would affect teeth, but only if your drink it without sugar,” explained Alfredo Morabia, editor of Preventive Medicine. Morabia is author of an editorial which accompanied the recent research. Morabia further stated, “They also reported that drinking sweet coffee was actually deleterious. Coffee had no problem, but sweet coffee would actually make you lose your teeth.”

green tea for teeth 150x150 Can Green Tea Strengthen Teeth?Details of the Study

25,000 Japanese men and women around the age of 40 and 64 were observed in resolving the query. Yasushi Koyama from Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine and colleagues discovered that men who took at least a cup of tea in a day had 19 percent likelihood of having less than 20 teeth as opposed to those who did not. The complete set of teeth including the wisdom teeth is 32 in total. Women who drank tea also showed 13 percent decreased odds.

One likely explanation for this benefit is that warm drinks actually wash out your mouth. However, coffee, which also acts as sort of a mouth rinse, holds no such benefit, thereby suggesting another phenomenon.

Researchers suspect that the catechins are responsible for answering the question, can green tea strengthen teeth? These molecules have been shown to eliminate bacteria linked with dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

So, Can Green Tea Strengthen Teeth?

The results have proven this benefit. And because there is no harm in a single cup of green tea a day, who’s to say that it can harm you?


How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

Cost of Teeth Whitening

People always take a lot of conscious effort to improve their looks. The definition of beauty is different for everyone so whatever they feel like doing for themselves is up to them. One thing we all can do, and I’m sure we can afford too, is teeth whitening. Having whiter teeth instantly makes a difference in how we look. The cost of teeth whitening varies depending on the option you choose.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is often used when talking about procedures that help brighten the teeth even when bleaching is involved. It should be noted that there is a difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. Bleaching makes use of substances that contain, obviously, bleach such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Whitening, meanwhile, mainly involves restoring the surface color of the teeth simply by getting rid of the dirt and debris that have clung over time from the food that we eat. Whitening makes use simply of products that are used just like toothpaste.

Choices for Teeth Whiteningtooth whitening 300x225 How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

One is in-office whitening. The greatest benefit with this option is that it gives you a color change that is really significant even in the short period of time it was performed. In-office whitening is done by a dentist using a highly concentrated gel after the gums and papilla have been protected using a rubber dam. This is usually done in just a matter of minutes and a maximum of an hour. For more severe cases, repeated sessions might be needed or a take home system can be continued. Cost of teeth whitening this method is the most expensive among the three and usually costs about $1000.

At-home whitening kits prepared by dentists can also be done and this can provide you with the best results in the long run. This method makes use of a lower concentrated gel that you can apply for an hour or overnight. Because it is only a low concentration, it may be safe on to stay longer on the teeth. A tray is used to let the gel stay on the teeth. Cost of teeth whitening with this is lower than in-office system but higher than the last option and is between $50- $100.

The cheapest cost of teeth whitening comes with over the counter bleaching, about as low as $25. Products used for this are widely available. This provides the most convenience among the three methods. Gel is applied with the use of a one size fits all tray.

Cosmetic Dentistry to Whiten Teeth

Thinking back on our memories of the trips we took to our dentist’s clinic probably won’t be happy images. Instead, it would bring back the fear of the needles and the pain that pulling out painful tooth we went through. These days however, a lot of improvements have been made in the field of dentistry. Dentists are also making changes to their approach as well as the feel of their clinics to make visits happier. Our preferred dental care has always been oral self care and more on avoiding making trips to the dentist but all that has changed now.

With a lot of major advances in the field of dentistry, caring for your teeth no longer means painful needles and horrible drilling. The latest trends with dental care include the use of more conservative techniques so as to preserve the natural tooth structure of the patients as much as possible. Your preferred dental care can either be for the more traditional purpose of properly caring for your teeth or for the more popular trends with the purpose of beautifying the teeth.

Dentists nowadays are advancing with their education to further provide their patients more less-painful ways of dental treatments. Aside from that, they also aim at making their presence warmer to both children and adult patience so as not to scare them off during their visits. They make their clinics look warmer and more patient-friendly.

Oral diseases are common problems in most places. Nowadays, dental organizations often give free services at times in order to address the most common diseases like tooth decay and pyorrhea or periodontal/gum disease. It should be emphasized that proper dental health should be maintained so that the person can actually lead a normal lifestyle. Kids are often victims of such dental diseases because of the lack of proper hygiene. There are already advertisements as well as short educational stuff that are geared toward these younger populations in order to give them more information regarding the importance of proper oral hygiene.

The more popular preferred dental care these days definitely have to be cosmetic dentistry. Although the need for traditional dental care is never absent, more and more people are investing on achieving smiles like that of most Hollywood actors. Teeth whitening and bleaching are the most popular and common treatments and a lot of over-the-counter whitening products have become widely available because of this, although approaching the professional is still always the best way to go.