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3 Useful Method to Whiten Teeth

Having a whiter teeth seems to be the “in” thing in our community nowadays. But until recently, the methods for whitening teeth becomes time-consuming for others as it requires regular trips to the dentist and is costly.  But it is good to know that are several ways to whiten teeth at home. Whitening at home is now possible, effective and inexpensive compared to few years ago.   Some are more effective, convenient and easy to use.  There are three methods that are available to whiten teeth, these are:

Tray Bleaching

This method can now be done at home but before it requires a regular trip to the dentist.  This is the oldest of the three methods.  The method involves taking a mold of your teeth which is then filled up with a special bleach and must be worn for two to three hours a day.  After about eight weeks or once the desired result is reached, you can repeat the process every few weeks to maintain the result.  It is very effective because the mold makes the teeth evenly white and thoroughly bleached but it is time-consuming and inconvenient.  It also tastes bad and costly.

bleaching tray 300x218 3 Useful Method to Whiten Teeth

Tray Bleaching

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are convenient and economical, it can be purchased over the counter at several pharmacies without dentist’s prescription.  One strip is pre-coated with a whitening agent and should be placed over your teeth for an hour each day.  The result of using whitening strips take a longer time and application can be reduced.  It is the cheapest so it might not be as effective as other methods for it only cover the flat surface of the teeth.

teeth whitening strips 3 Useful Method to Whiten Teeth

Teeth Whitening Strips

Whitening Pens

This product seems to offer the best results among the three methods.  It is effective, inexpensive and convenient.  You will just paint the whitening pen on your teeth or to areas that need it most.  After a few minutes, teeth must be rinsed.  It should be done after brushing or flossing to have best results.  One more advantage is that one leading whitening pen manufacturer offers a free trial of the product.

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Teeth Whitening Pens